What it Felt Like to Get a Small Tumor Taken Out of My Arm

Lipomas are usually small, benign masses that don't need to be removed. Mine, however, had to go.


An Exorcist Is Now Trying to Protect Kavanaugh from Brooklyn Witches' Hex

An exorcist in California is holding a Mass to protect Brett Kavanaugh from the "evil" of a ritual hex set to curse him this weekend.


Becoming a Believer at Beyoncé Mass

At Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Beyoncé Mass includes everything from a choir's rendition of "Survivor" to sermons inspired by Queen Bey's lyrics.


Bobby Previte Gets Medieval with the Classical-Meets-Metal Drone of 'MASS'

Stephen O'Malley, Don McGreevy, and others join in on this uplifting, experimental combination of early music, drone, and doom.


The 'Sharpest Picture Yet' of the Higgs Boson

Two experiments at the Large Hadron Collider combine forces to give new precision to the elusive particle's properties.


Trip On Church with Photo Series 'Acid Mass'

“I would take LSD, go to raves, and my mother would make me go to Catholic mass on Sunday morning while I was still hallucinating."


The VICE Oral History of Dubstep

The story of a genre, as told by some of its most pivotal players.


At 125 Years Old, the Kilogram Is Approaching Retirement

The prototype kilogram we measure all mass against will soon be replaced by more constant standards.


I Went to the Last Gay Catholic Mass at the UK's Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

The decision to end LGBT masses comes from an older, more Italian and more homophobic Vatican. I’ll never understand why you’d want to join an institution that tells you what to do with your dick, but all power to them nonetheless.


What the Republican Governor's Gun Veto Says (and Doesn't Say) About Post-Newtown Politics

The bill, which would have eliminated “gun-free zones” statewide, passed through Michigan’s heavily Republican legislature last Thursday, a day before the Sandy Hook horror.


Australia Is a Case Study for Mass Shootings

After Martin Bryant killed 35 people in 1996, Australia enacted new gun laws that worked.