mass hysteria


McDonald’s Realizing Now Is Not a Great Time to Have a Creepy-Ass Clown as Your Mascot

When these idiots finally wipe off their makeup and we’re able to objectively look back on this period of clown-driven paranoia, we’ll recognize that right now is a real low point.


Here’s What's Causing Outbreaks of Mass Hysteria in Schools

Behind the mysterious incidents of spirit sightings, mass fainting, and strange tics happening in schools across the globe.


We're All Going to Be Killed by Giant Hornets

After getting stung by one of these monster hornets the size of a small mouse, a toxin dissolves your skin at the sting site, leading to searing pain, and, in the likely event that you’re stung 30 or more times, anaphylactic shock and kidney failure.


Beat Hysterics: Diagnosing the Great Dance Plague of 1518

When Frau Troffea took to furiously dancing in the middle of a road in Strasbourg, France, in the summer of 1518, no one would join her. In a time of widespread hand wringing, confusion and fear over women succumbing to the cultish clutches of demonic...