Mass Shooting


Facebook Went to War Against White Supremacist Terror After Christchurch. Will It Work?

Facebook’s 350-person counterterrorism team is retraining its tools for far-right meme culture.


The FBI Just Arrested a 'Psychedelic Nazi' on LSD After Tapping His Wild Text Chats

“TFW you’re carrying enough gear and supplies to set the new high score, and wouldn’t want to have to explain that to a cop,” he texted his friends in June.


Walmart Asked Gun Owners to Stop Carrying Guns in Their Stores. This Group Is Defying Them.

They say Walmart's request is just an attempt to "get the gun haters to leave them alone.”


The Charleston Shooter Should Never Have Been Able to Get a Gun. Now, Victims' Families Can Sue the Government Over It.

A federal court reversed a ruling that argued the government couldn’t be held responsible for background-check loopholes.


The Parkland Survivors Have a Plan to Stop Gun Violence. Here’s What’s in It.

The “Peace Plan for a Safer America” calls for an assault weapons ban and a national firearms registry.


The El Paso Shooting Suspect Is Now on Suicide Watch

The decision was reportedly made by medical staff at the jail, but it’s unclear why.


Friend of Dayton Shooter Charged with Lying About Drug Use to Buy a Gun

The friend had also purchased body armor, an AR-15 accessory, and a 100-round double drum magazine on behalf of the Dayton shooter.


El Paso Shooter's Mother Told Police She Was Worried About His Gun

An officer told her the gun was perfectly legal, ending the conversation.


"Send Him Back!": El Paso Gives Trump Some of His Own Medicine

He wasn't exactly welcome when he tried to come to console. El Pasoans were still smarting from his last visit.


Here's the Moment an El Paso Congresswoman Learned the Massacre Was Underway

We were with Rep. Veronica Escobar at a town hall when the shooting began in the mall nearby.


Congress Wants to Talk to 8chan's Owner About Extremism. He Says He's Too Busy.

This year, three suspected mass shooters have posted white supremacist screeds to 8chan before carrying out their attacks.


Even 31 Dead Might Not Get "Red Flag" Gun Laws Passed in Ohio and Texas

But President Donald Trump wants them.