Bong Appetit

How to Infuse Ice Cream with Weed

"I definitely want to eat that and I'm definitely high right now."
Munchies Staff
Cooking habits

Brits Spend More Time Looking at Food on Instagram Than Cooking

New market research from OnePoll shows that most of us would rather look at food on social media or watch cooking shows than get into the kitchen.
Daisy Meager
British cooking

My Smoky Duck Was Too Smoky for Masterchef

The judges told me to make a perfect roast dinner and for me, we would always have something Asian-based, so I did smoked duck.
Elizabeth Allen

This Man Wants People to Stop Serving Food on Wooden Boards

Steak presented on wooden boards, bread arranged in hats and chips in plant pots. Will our obsession with food served on things that aren’t plates ever end? The man behind the We Want Plates Twitter account certainly hopes so.
Phoebe Hurst

I Auditioned for MasterChef with Ingredients I Found in the Trash

I took partly rotten food and presented it not very artfully, in a competition for people whose goal in life is to someday have a Michelin star.
Herma Abezia

Examining the Two Men Who Perfectly Represent London's Great Cultural Divide

Famed foodie Jay Rayner and rapper J Hus tell us all we need to know about the changing face of the UK capital.
Clive Martin

Gun Ownership in New South Wales has Risen 40 Percent

What's behind NSW's surging love of guns?
Naeun Kim

Why You Shouldn’t Have Kids

So your friends are accidentally on purpose having children, giving each other rings, and doing beautiful, real, rewarding things. This is why you're not.
Isobel Beech
Chinese food

These Chef-Engineers Are Sticking Air Pumps in Your Dinner

When it comes to perfecting fried chicken, these engineers-turned-cooks have it down to a science. Hint: it involves vodka.
Karon Liu

Your Love of Cooking Shows Could Be Making You Fat

A new study shows that if you're the go-getter type that actually makes those mac 'n' cheese cupcakes on your tv, your body might be paying the price.
Munchies Staff