Kurt Vile Is All Greased Up

The Philadelphia musician speaks on his new album ‘Bottle It In,’ meeting Neil Young, computers, Donald Trump’s bullshit, staring age 40 down, a mental breakdown, and whatever the hell his future holds.
Eric Sundermann
New music

Kurt Vile's New Song "Bassackwards" Is as Floaty As You'd Hope

It's a single from the straggly-haired, mellowed-out Philly singer-songwriter's seventh solo album, 'Bottle It In,' out October 12 on Matador.
Alex Robert Ross

To Iceage, With Love

The Danish group's new album 'Beyondless' is wonderful. Fuck the facts, Iceage are the greatest rock and roll band in the world.
Zachary Lipez

Lucy Dacus Is Paranoid, In Pain, and Writing Great Indie Songs By Accident

We talk to the rising Virginia songstress about nihilism, queerness, and getting heavy on her knockout second album, 'Historian.'
Rebecca Haithcoat
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

See Julien Baker Play Another Brutal New Song on ‘A Prairie Home Companion’

The Memphis singer-songwriter also performed "Appointments" on the Minnesota Public Radio staple.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Julien Baker Announces New LP, Shares Stunning New Single “Appointments”

'Turn Out the Lights,' Baker's second album, is out October 27 on Matador.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Algiers Returns With New Single, New Video, New Album, Same Urgency

Listen to the title track from their forthcoming second LP, 'The Underside of Power.'
Alex Robert Ross
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Arca Is a Wounded Matador in His Guillermo Del Toro-Worthy New Music Video

The London based singer performs an expressive song and dance as a wounded matador in his latest collaboration with artist Jesse Kanda.
Nathaniel Ainley

A Long Drive with Car Seat Headrest

We talked high times and high anxiety with frontman Will Toledo, whose studio debut 'Teens of Denial' sees its long-awaited physical release July 8.
Andrea Domanick

Spanish Mayor Proposes Bullfighting Match Where Bull Doesn't Die in the End

The mayor's comments were the latest chapter in a feud that's developed in recent years between bullfighting aficionados and animal rights activists who say the blood sport should be relegated to the dustbin of history.
Quique Badia and John Dyer

A Look at the Life of the Most Gored Bullfighter in Modern History

Antonio Barrera is not a great matador.
Venetia Thompson
Holy Shit

Savages Share a Striking and Existential New Video for "Adore"

'Adore Life' drops January 22.
Bryn Lovitt