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Rank Your Records: Matt Skiba Plays Favorites with Alkaline Trio's Albums

Ahead of 'Past Live,' a performance of the band's eight beloved records, we had the singer-guitarist look back on making them.
David Anthony
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Blink-182's Matt Skiba Said He Used Witchcraft to Sabotage Fyre Fest

"I consider myself a pagan and a witch. With every inch of my energy I wanted Fyre not to happen."
Alexander Iadarola
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Oh Look, There’s a New Blink-182 Song Called “Parking Lot”

From the deluxe edition of ‘California,’ out May 19.
Alex Robert Ross
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I Woke My Grown Ass Up at 5 AM to See Blink-182 on 'GMA' So You’d Better Read About It, Dammit

What a way to spend the 182nd day of the year.
Dan Ozzi
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Blink-182 Want to See Some Naked Dudes, Release Short, Annoying Song to That Effect

It's called "Built This Pool" and it is not good.
Alex Robert Ross

PREMIERE: Teenage Time Killers Enlist Jello Biafra for This Biting Thrash "Ode to Sean Hannity"

Check out a new song from Corrosion of Conformity legend Reed Mullin's supersize metal/punk supergroup with Dave Grohl, Nick Oliveri, Corey Taylor, and many more.
Noisey Staff
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Forget Tom Delonge. Forget Matt Skiba. This Guy Should Be in Blink-182

What's his age again?
Dan Ozzi
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Here Are Some Crappy Cell Phone Videos of Blink-182's First Show with Matt Skiba and Not Tom Delonge

More like Tom De-so-long, are we right?
Dan Ozzi
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From Gilman Street to Broadway: NOFX’s Fat Mike Is Selling Punk Rock to Your Mom

How do you make middle America see a musical about blowjobs and street punks?
Dan Ozzi
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Here Are Ten Guitarists Who Should Replace Tom Delonge in Blink-182

Let us now open the floor to wild suggestions.
Dan Ozzi
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Tom Delonge Is Out of Blink-182 and Will Be Replaced on Tour by Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba

Dan Ozzi
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Alkaline Trio: 18 Years, Eight Albums, Four Nights, and a Fuckton of Heart Skull Tattoos

A look at the band's long career through four sold out nights in New York.
Dan Ozzi