Mattei's tavern


Grilled Avocado with Ponzu Sauce Recipe

This simple but crowd-pleasing recipe combines buttery grilled avocado with a tangy, umami-packed ponzu sauce.


This Grilled Avocado with Ponzu Sauce Is the Easiest Dinner You'll Make All Summer

Chef Robbie Wilson of Mattei's Tavern in Santa Barbara has a simple dish that barely requires acquaintance with fire: grilled avocados that hold their own dipping sauce.


Throw Your Oven Out the Window and Grill This Avocado Now

It's 86 degrees in New York City so the entire world should celebrate by throwing their avocados on the grill and then drenching them in umami-rich ponzu sauce.


Fat Prince: Foie Gras and Steak-Umm Sandwiches with Robbie Wilson and Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll and Chef Robbie Wilson of Mattei’s Tavern join Andy to indulge in a decadent and cheesy Steak-umm-style sandwich with foie gras mayo, pulverized Cheetos, Aleppo pepper, and a touch of syrupy sweetness.