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Italy's Democratic Party wants Facebook to save the country from the far right

David Gilbert

How 2016 Became the Year Politicians Forgot How Politics Work

The world's scheming geniuses have spent 2016 completely screwing everything up.
Sam Kriss

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Bernie Sanders officially announced his new progressive organization, a truck bomb hit a police building in Turkey, some plants in Baltimore are addicted to meth, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Trump says he'd consider racial profiling, the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to gun control laws in two states, Star Trek actors mourn Anton Yelchin, and more.
VICE Staff
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Quick Hit: Police Confront Protesters in Venice Lagoon

Police in Venice took on protesters by boat and jet ski on Tuesday near the site of a planned meeting between the Italian and French leaders.

Why Israeli's Prime Minister Is Getting Major Flak for Eating at a Florence Restaurant

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a backlash for dining with Italian Prime Minister at a three-Michelin-starred but decidedly non-kosher restaurant.
Alex Swerdloff
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Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Deadly Blast at Italian Consulate in Cairo

A car bomb destroyed several floors of the historic building that is home to the Italian Consulate in Cairo, leaving one person dead and eight injured.
Tessa Stuart

4,400 Migrants Rescued Off Libya In 48 Hours Break Italy's Migrant Record

The latest rescue operations in the Mediterranean brought the number of migrants to have landed in Italy since 2015 to a record 69,000, as the Italian navy begins to recover the bodies of 800 migrants who died at sea in April.
Pierre Longeray

Redditors Collected the Internet’s Best 10 Second or Less Videos

Escaped animals, newscast flubs and crazy teens abound.
Adam Owen

Nutellagate: French Minister Apologizes After Speaking Out Against the Hazelnut Spread

French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal's comments received international attention, irritating consumers who have grown highly affectionate of the chocolatey spread.
Pierre Longeray
Open Water

France and Italy Can't Seem to Agree on What to Do About the Immigration Crisis

Since Thursday, 200 immigrants have been trying to cross the border between France and Italy, near the small town of Ventimiglia in Italy—but the French police have been preventing their entrance into the country.
Pierre Longeray

'I Have Nothing to Regret': Vladimir Putin Cites the Lord's Guidance Ahead of Vatican Visit

Renewed warnings from the G7 over Ukraine have not put a dent in Putin's good mood as he visits Italy. God is there for the Russian leader to make sure he always does the right thing, apparently.
Miriam Wells