Maurizio Cattelan

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Trump Wanted Art So This Museum Offered Him a Gold Toilet

The Guggenheim couldn't lend the White House a Van Gogh, but it was more than willing to hand over Maurizio Cattelan's "America."
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The Best Stuff We Wrote in 2017

From Jill Stein to Russell Westbrook to LGBTQ separatists.
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Here's What's Going On with Those Weird Ads on Right Now

Artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari have infected our website with their bizarre and grotesque 'Toilet Paper' images.
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Maurizio Cattelan Is One of Art's Greatest Mysteries

The renowned artist is as enigmatic as his controversial work.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Maurizio Cattelan Will Never Stop Trolling the Art World

The director of the new Maurizio Cattelan documentary, 'Be Right Back,' tells us what it's like documenting the controversial and elusive artist.
Wilbert L. Cooper
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Someone Bought a Hitler Statue for $17.2 Million at a New York Auction

The statue was apparently a "difficult" sale.
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The Guggenheim's 'Storylines' Creates New Narratives for Famed Visual Art

The New York museum's new exhibition is a group show, film festival, and literary guidebook—all in one.
Michael Barron

The 2013 Photo Issue Is Here!

The annual VICE Photo Issue is a cultural barometer that has been used by historians since the age of Talbot to determine which artists are on the front lines of photography in any given year. For our 2013 issue, in the interest of screwing with the...
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A Few Pieces of Toilet Paper

For a few years now, Maurizio Cattelan (who just exhibited a retrospective at the Guggenheim that marked his “retirement” from the art world) and world-class photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari have been putting out a biannual magazine called <i>Toilet...
Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari
the holy trinity issue

The Holy Trinity Issue Hath Descended

The heavens rejoice as The Holy Trinity Issue is now upon us.
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The Special Issue


Maurizio Cattelan is most likely our favorite artist. He’s funny, smart, and an expert at taking the piss. He’s also Italian and constantly smirking.
Jesse Pearson, Lisa Phillips