Max Daly


Synthetic Drugs Will Change the Global Drug Trade Forever

Drug traffickers thrive on their ability to penetrate national borders, but a new era of toxic, man-made highs could dissolve those boundaries and transform the global drug trade.


Prisons in the UK Are Facing a Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic

The government has described the synthetic weed Spice as "the most serious threat to the safety and security of the prison system," and it's not wrong.


The Inside Story of How the UK's Big City Drug Gangs Are Taking Over the Rest of the Country

More and more, city gangs are sending young runners out into the sticks to sell crack and heroin. We spoke to dealers, sex workers, and police to get a better understanding of how the whole process works.


The Drug Users Taking Advantage of the UK's New Lenient Policing Policies

Two British police forces have started referring people caught with a personal amount of drugs to educational workshops rather than sending them to court.


Some Police in the UK Have Stopped Arresting Drug Users

For several months, police units in the UK have been operating "diversion" schemes which have resulted in scores of drug users avoiding court, jail, and a criminal record.


No, Your Drug Use Is Not Funding Terrorism

We often hear about "Jihadists flooding the west with heroin," or "ISIS making billions through drug trafficking"—but we rarely see much actual evidence.


British Police Officers Reveal What They Really Think About the War on Drugs

"Sometimes I think we're like those Japanese soldiers in WWII—the ones on the island who just kept fighting because they didn't know the war was over."


Are You Supporting Violence When You Buy Drugs?

Some critics say users are responsible for the narco-war and the toxic pollution of the world's rainforests, but the forces creating these situations are actually at a much higher level.


How Majority Muslim Countries Are Handling HIV Infections

In most parts of the world, HIV infections and deaths from AIDS have been falling, but in Muslim-majority regions, new HIV infections have been on the rise since 2001.


The South African Sex Workers Fighting Abusive Police

In South Africa, assaults are rarely reported to the authorities because sex workers know if they ask for help they will be ignored or even punished, especially if the perpetrators are police officers.


Why Do the British Love Ketamine So Much?

Most American recreational drug users turn up their noses at the drug known as special k, but in the UK, it's become fully integrated into the country's party scene.


Watching the Death of the UK’s Synthetic Drug Industry with One of Its Last Distributors

An interview with the man who owned the UK's biggest legal high wholesale business.