Judge Rules That Quarter Pounders Without Cheese Should Not Be Cheaper

He dismissed a lawsuit arguing that non-cheese-eaters were "suffering injury."
Jelisa Castrodale

The Coming War Over Watching Porn in Fast-Food Restaurants

For years, fast-food chains have provided an unfiltered gateway to the internet. Thanks to the "National Porn Free Wi-Fi" campaign, those days might be coming to an end. Some see that as an infringement of free speech.
Crystal Ponti

Meet the Man with the World's Largest Collection of Hamburger Memorabilia

By his own estimate, Harry Sperl owns more than 6,000 pieces of hamburger memorabilia. including a hamburger motorcycle, a hamburger water bed, and the delivery car from Good Burger.
Christopher Duett

Perverted Photos of Ronald McDonald

LA-based artist Marina Fini reimagined Ronald McDonald as a hamburger-licking, motel-cruising weirdo in her latest photography project.
Ben Parker Karris

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hillary Clinton makes history as the first female presidential nominee of a major US political party, President Obama says he couldn't rule out Russia's involvement in the DNC email leak, and more.
VICE Staff

​How an Unofficial McDonald’s Museum Is Helping One Man Achieve His Destiny

The museum in San Bernardino, California, is filled with all manner of McDonald's memorabilia—old Happy Meal toys, photos of early employees, even a straw wrapper from the original restaurant.
Justin Caffier
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Burger King Wanted to Make a McWhopper with McDonald's, but Mickey D's Shut Them Down

The Frankenstein burger was going to be part of a plan to end the restaurants' beef for Peace Day.
Scott Masters Pierce

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Fired a Gun Into McDonald's Because They Messed Up Her Order

Also this week: A 12-year-old allegedly tried to kill her mom for confiscating her iPhone.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
The VICE Guide to Australian Dollars

Why is McDonald's Losing Money Everywhere but Australia?

Markets in the US, Middle East and the Asia Pacific are all down, but strangely McDonald's profits in Australia are up. We asked why and ate burgers.
David Allegretti

For Homeless Women, Having a Period Isn't a Hassle, It's a Nightmare

As long as sanitary ware is classified as a "nonessential" and "luxury" item, and isn't given out for free like condoms, homeless women may be forced to shoplift for tampons and towels, or resort to using tissue from McDonald's toilets.
Maya Oppenheim

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Cop Allegedly Shot a Woman Because She Honked at Him

Also this week: A guy freaked out because he saw some mice outside a McDonald's.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Nationwide Fast Food Protests Kick Off as Demonstrators are Handcuffed in Detroit

According to local reports, Detroit police have taken 25 people into custody who were blocking street traffic during demonstrations in the city on Thursday.
Jordan Larson