Measure B

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How California tried -- and failed -- to regulate the porn industry

Prop. 60 would have mandated the use of condoms on any porn shot in the state
Michael Moynihan

California Is Considering New Draconian Porn Regulations

Porn producers would get full access to performers' medical records, condoms would be required on set, and facial ejaculation wouldn't be allowed without safety goggles.
Peter Holslin

Why Big Businesses Are So Concerned with Quantifying Our Emotions

A chat with William Davies, author of "The Happiness Industry," a book that looks at why governments, media companies, and marketeers have an increasing interest in our wellbeing.
Rose Bretécher
Opinion and Analysis

Mandating Condom Use in Porn Is Wrongheaded and Stupid

No good argument can be made for requiring porn to set a good example for safer sex practices on-screen.
Natasha Lennard

Stoya on HIV Transmission in Pornography

This week’s news that an adult performer named Cameron Bay tested positive for HIV has brought concern over porn practices back to mainstream attention, but the heterosexual adult industry has not had a single case of performer-to-performer HIV...
VICE Staff
Question Of The Day

How Do You Feel About Condoms in Your Porn?

California's controversial Measure B forces porn stars to wrap their P's in C's before sticking them into V's, B's, or what have you. How do ordinary people feel about that?
VICE Staff

Measure B Is a Pain in the Dick

Chris Nieratko