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South Korean Court Rules Killing Dogs for Meat Illegal

A precedent that could lead to the outright ban nationwide.
Ian Burke
You're Smarter Than That

There Is Almost No Good Science in the Movie 'What the Health'

96% of the studies mentioned in the movie do not support the claims being made.
Nina Teicholz
dead zone

Sea Life Is Suffocating in a 'Dead Zone' the Size of New Jersey

Sea life could be unable to survive in thousands of miles of ocean.
Caroline Haskins

Netflix's 'Okja' Is the Brutal Love Story of a Girl and Her Super Pig

Netflix's next big hit tackles Big Meat by answering the question, "What if your pet were suddenly doomed to the slaughterhouse?"
Beckett Mufson

The 'Bleeding' Veggie Burger Is Scaling Up to Take on the Meat Industry

Impossible Foods' new facility will allow its plant-based burger to be served in 1,000 restaurants by the end of the year.
Alex Swerdloff

Brazil's Rotten Meat Bribery Scandal Just Keeps Getting Bigger

So far, the EU, China, and Chile have all temporarily halted the import of some Brazilian meat.
Alex Swerdloff

The Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to Think of Meat as Animals

Unless you kill them yourself, you're probably in denial about the realities of how animals become the meat on your plate. And meat producers likes it that way.
Wyatt Marshall

Europeans Think the Meat Industry Is as Sleazy as Used Car Salesmen

According to a new report, Europeans trust the meat industry about as much as they trust a guy in a plaid suit trying to sell them an ‘88 Citroën.
Wyatt Marshall

Europe Needs to Halve Its Beef Consumption in Order to Meet Its Climate Change Goals

The study said that radically reducing beef and mutton consumption is “unavoidable” if Europeans are serious about emission reduction.
Alex Swerdloff

Government-Subsidized Foods Are Making Us Fat and Sick, Study Says

Researchers say that the more we eat the foods that the US government pays to keep cheap—such as beef, dairy, corn, sugar, and wheat—the fatter and unhealthier we get.
Hilary Pollack

Meat and Poultry Processing Plants Are Incredibly Dangerous Places to Work

While the incidence of serious injuries appears to be going down statistically for America's slaughterhouse and meat processing workers, it's likely that these issues are underreported.
Wyatt Marshall
climate change

Why Doesn't Anyone Care That Eating Less Meat Benefits the Environment?

Despite significant scientific evidence to the contrary, people don’t think that giving up meat is an effective way to solve our environmental problems.
Alex Swerdloff