medical devices


What Good Does a Pacemaker Do in a Corpse?

A Robin Hood-ing cardiologist decided that it was time to salvage the devices that lived beyond their human hosts.


A New Netflix Doc Exposes Huge Problems With the Way Certain Medical Treatments Are Approved

'The Bleeding Edge' shows how the FDA doesn’t hold medical devices to the same standards of safety and effectiveness as it does prescription drugs, even though some devices will presumably remain in the body for the rest of people's lives.


This 'Weight-Loss Balloon' Procedure Is Landing People in the Hospital

The FDA has issued three safety alerts about gastric balloons like Orbera and ReShape. At least seven deaths have been connected to the devices in the US, while others have had to be hospitalized.


465,000 Patients Need Software Updates for Their Hackable Pacemakers, FDA Says

A painful reminder that a future where the internet is in every device—even the most critical one—can be disastrous.


People With Insulin Pumps and Pacemakers Should be Terrified of Hackers

The FDA isn't doing enough to stop medical-device hacking.


The Tricorder Is Now a Real Thing

Great news for fans of Trekkie-inspired medicine.


The Little Yellow Box That Makes Surgery Safer

Millions of people are left dead or disabled by surgical complications each year when one simple piece of equipment could have saved them.


Graphene-Infused Silly Putty Can Detect Movements as Subtle as Spider Footsteps

“A small amount of nano can really turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.”


This Little Silver Cube Could Be the Future of Personal DNA Testing

Medical diagnostics is about to have an ‘iPhone moment’.


How Hackers Are Making the Internet and the World a Safer Place

Hackers are the internet’s immune system.


Why We Should Be a Little Paranoid About Hackers Messing With Robot Surgeons

Just because something is unlikely, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be ready for it.


Why It’s So Hard to Invent a New Kind of Condom (in the US, Anyway)

The LELO HEX is ‘graphene-inspired’ and has Charlie Sheen as a product rep.