Medical ethics


Statue Celebrating Doctor Who Experimented on Slaves Moved From Central Park

J. Marion Sims, lauded as the “father of modern gynecology,” experimented on female slaves without consent or anesthesia.


'Biobanks' That Store Human Blood and Tissue Have a Consent Problem

What happens when you donate biological samples to science?


People Really Need to Know When They're Being Experimented On

Medical historian Alice Dreger argues against a worrying trend of researchers conducting clinical trials without fully informing the participants.


This Fertility Doctor Used His Own Sperm to Impregnate Patients

Dr. Donald Cline admitted to using personal sperm samples fifty times at his former Indiana fertility practice.


Too Big to Care: How Massive Medical Groups Are Harming and Killing Patients

A healthy 76-year-old woman supposedly died of a pulmonary embolism after routine knee surgery — but the surgery was never performed. And the surgeon's now in prison — but not for her death.


Palestinian Hunger Striker Loses Consciousness, Testing Israel's 'Unethical' Force-Feeding Law

Israeli doctors are refusing to implement a new law permitting the force-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike. Rights campaigners say Mohammed Allan is now in a "near-death critical condition."


Israel Passes Prisoner Force-Feeding Law to Widespread Condemnation

Israel has passed a law allowing the force-feeding of prisoners despite widespread criticism from human rights groups and the country's top medical organization.


Israeli Government Approves Bill Allowing Force-Feeding of Prisoners

The Israel Medical Association has said it will call on doctors to ignore the new law, but the government says it is necessary because hunger strikes are a threat to national security.


A Woman in Argentina Became Pregnant in a Coma After Being Raped

In this nightmarish situation, the woman's family is faced with an important question: What do you do about a pregnancy that's not only medically risky, but also the result of sexual question?


Why Is it Legal for Rich Foreigners to Come to America for Organ Transplants?

Foreign nationals jetting to the United States solely to shell out cash for organ transplants is a growing problem, according to some advocates active in the donor transplant game.