medical history


What It Was Like to Go to the Doctor in 1610

Not unlike seeing an astrologer, really, except when someone leaves the house with poop on a spatula or starts menstruating through her breast.


How to Preserve Human Specimens | Conservation Lab

We talked to the guy who's responsible for rehydrating dried-up fetuses, fixing wonky skeletons, and cleaning skulls at the Mütter Museum.


Beardology: This Medical Researcher Will Study the History of Facial Hair

"Beards are always closely linked with how men feel about themselves."


An Interview with One of the First Australian Doctors to Fight Back Against AIDS

To get a sense of the fear around HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, we spoke to Professor Suzanne Crowe, who co-established Australia's first specialist clinic.


Madness Stones to New Age Medicine: A History of Drilling Holes in Our Heads

How the oldest surgical procedure in the world has evolved over the centuries.