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Democrats Love Medicare for All, They Just Don't Know What It Means

The Democratic primary is shaping up to be yet another election decided by the politics of healthcare.
Harry Cheadle
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America's Insulin Crisis Shows Why We Need Socialism

When people are begging for money to afford a medicine they need in order to live, that's a failure of capitalism.
Victoria Gagliardo-Silver
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Democrats Are Committed to Killing Their Own Progressive Agenda

The top 2020 candidates want Medicare for all and a Green New Deal, but how are they going to make either a reality?
Harry Cheadle
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The Double Standard at the Heart of the Republican War on Facts

Right-wing politicians can get away with ignoring media criticism, but Democrats have to pay attention to the fact-checkers.
Harry Cheadle

This Brewing Healthcare Battle Is a Preview of the Medicare for All War

New York is on the verge of a Democrat-on-Democrat slugfest that will determine the state's healthcare future.
Harry Cheadle
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Donald Trump Is Now America's Worst Newspaper Columnist

His 'USA Today' op-ed about healthcare is full of bizarre falsehoods.
Harry Cheadle

Med Students Are Working Together to Make Healthcare More Progressive

At a recent conference, attendees gave each other advice about how to advocate for single-payer and get better reproductive education at conservative medical schools.
Rachel Bluth, Kaiser Health News
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

America's Young Doctors Are Embracing Universal Healthcare

Unlike their older counterparts, today's physicians are looking to single-payer solutions.
VICE Staff

The Next Generation of Doctors Is Pushing for Universal Healthcare

The student caucus of the American Medical Association got the organization to agree to reconsider its decades-long opposition to single-payer healthcare.
Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

Congressman John Conyers on Why Now is the Time for Medicare for All

60 Percent of Americans are in support of a single-payer health care system. This Michigan lawmaker lays out how the country gets there.
John Conyers

Bernie's Healthcare Bill Is Just the Beginning of a Long Crusade

It won't become law, but it gives Democrats something to fight for.
Harry Cheadle
The Rundown

Here’s How You Can Join Bernie Sanders’ Fight for Single Payer Health Care

Your guide to what’s working with Bernie's Medicare for All Bill, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff