Germany Will Make Medicinal Cannabis Legal in 2017

Seriously ill patients will have access to medical marijuana with a doctor's presecription by early 2017.


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Restaurant 999 specializes in three canine classics: Coconut dog curry, dog meat sour soup with red ants, and flame-grilled dog.


How to Become a Legal Weed Grower in Victoria, Australia

Victoria is becoming the first Australian state to legalize medical marijuana, and the government is planning to grow the bud locally.


Meeting Scotland's Illegal DIY Weed Doctors

Medical cannabis isn't legal in the UK, but that doesn't stop these two home pharmacists from processing it into oils and capsules and giving it to sick people.


Activists Are Planting Weed in Public All over the UK

I joined the head of the Feed the Birds campaign as he sowed some seeds along the River Thames.