Medicinal Cannabis


The Problems with the UK's Legalization of Medical Cannabis

And what could be done to fix them.


Now That Medical Cannabis Is Legal in the UK, What's Next?

A new study also reveals widespread support for the further relaxation of cannabis laws.


Europe's Largest Legal Weed Farm Is Being Built in a Nuclear Bunker

Christoph Rossner​ is using a former NATO air base in his quest to become Germany's leading medicinal weed grower.


The Next Steps for Medical Marijuana in Australia

It could be a year until actual cannabis products are in the country's pharmacies.


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Victoria Will Be Australia's First State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

This week Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that statewide sales of the drug will commence in 2017.


Why Is Pot Illegal in Australia?

As in other places, marijuana users and some former law enforcement officers have called for legalization in Australia, but the country is lagging behind the US when it comes to weed reform.


Is Medicinal Marijuana Finally Coming to Australia?

It looks like the country is finally going to soften its unusually harsh cannabis laws, but skeptics say that the government is moving too slowly and will repeat the mistakes other nations have made.


Meet Some Australian Families Giving Their Children Medicinal Cannabis

They don’t need a bag packed at night anymore, they can go to bed without preparing for the worst, and their kids are energetic, whereas before they were just zonked out all the time. The only thing bad about the kid-friendly marijuana tincture they...