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An 80-Year-Old Grandmother Shares Her Weed Cookies Recipe

For 60 years, Brigitte Biesel struggled with chronic pain and depression—until her grandson introduced her to edibles.
Tim Geyer
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This Michigan College Is Offering a Degree in Weed

Northern Michigan University is the first accredited college offering a four-year degree program all about the science—and the business—of marijuana.
Drew Schwartz
Weed Week

This Woman Ditched Her Software Career to Make Weed Desserts For a Living

“I didn’t know anything about cannabis,” she laughs. “All I knew was what the leaf looked like.”
Elise McDonough
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It's About to Get Much Easier to Buy Medicinal Weed in Australia

Australia's federal health minister announced new measures aimed at bringing a surplus of the drug to the country in just eight weeks.
Katherine Gillespie

The Challenges Facing Legal Weed in America

After the historic decisions regarding marijuana in the 2016 United States election, we talked to Krishna Andavolu of Weediquette about what might lie ahead.
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Inside the Legal Struggles of Michigan's Medicinal Marijuana Industry

'Weediquette' host Krishna Andavolu takes a deeper look into the show's most recent episode.
Krishna Andavolu

Meet the Robin Hoods of UK Medicinal Marijuana

On an all new episode of 'Weediquette', Krishna travels to London to meet the cannabis users providing medical marijuana to the needy.
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What to Expect in the Second Season of 'Weediquette'

Weediquette host Krishna Andavolu takes us through the topics the show's second season will be covering.
Krishna Andavolu

Legalization of Drugs Should Be Part of a Transhumanist Agenda

For transhumanists, trying drugs is not just about having fun, but about self-amelioration and becoming the best.
Zoltan Istvan
Legal Weed in Australia

Victoria Will Be Australia's First State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

This week Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that statewide sales of the drug will commence in 2017.
VICE Staff

The Canadian ‘Pope of Pot’ Is Trying to Expand His Church of the Holy Smoke

"I was just given a purpose, a big purpose in life, and that is to promote Mother Earth's end and her most miraculous plant in this world. That is cannabis."
Rachel Browne

Australia's Prime Minister Surprised Australia by Backing Medicinal Marijuana

Tony Abbott is being reasonable. Let's not break out the Nobel Prize just yet.
Girard Dorney