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Trump’s Favorite Family Members, Ranked by Facebook Ads

The Trump campaign has raised millions, and it's spent much of it testing which Trump family members perform best on Facebook.
David Uberti
3 days ago
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Trump says Melania totally isn’t using a body double

Trump weighs in on a conspiracy theory that started in Alabama and ended on "The View."
Rex Santus

Michelle Obama Voted Most Admired Woman; Hillary and Melania Tie for Third

Hillary Clinton had previously been ranked first in the decades-old Gallup poll for 17 years running.
Diana Tourjée

Melania Trump Is Planning Another Christmas from Hell

Red trees! Dark lighting! Utter doom!
Eve Peyser
melania trump

Melania Trump publicly calls for firing of top White House aide

The first lady suspects the aide may have been behind some negative leaks about her office.
Rex Santus
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Melania says she’s a “strong and independent woman” who doesn’t need Michelle Obama’s help

Breaking news: Melania Trump and Michelle Obama aren’t friends.
Rex Santus

Tom Arnold Ambushed TMZ's Harvey Levin to Find Trump's So-Called 'Elevator Tape'

Tom Arnold flipped the script on the media mogul by surprising him TMZ-style.
Sarah Bellman
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Welp, Melania didn’t exactly put rumors about Trump’s infidelities to bed​

“I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do," she said.
Rex Santus

Melania says sexual assault survivors should really have "hard evidence" before they come forward

“You need to have really hard evidence, if, you know, if you’re accused of something, show the evidence,” the first lady said.
Emma Ockerman

Melania already has plans, sorry, Brett Kavanaugh

Melania has asked the press to focus on what she does rather than what she wears, but she hasn't specified what she'll be doing instead of celebrating Kavanaugh.
Rex Santus
melania is staying behind to see the zoo

Let's check in on Melania, shall we?

Oh, she's playing with baby elephants.
Rex Santus
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All the Trump officials who want you to know they definitely did not write the NYT op-ed — and a few who aren't saying

Over two dozen Trump administration officials have come forward to condemn the person who wrote the op-ed or deny writing it themselves — and in some cases, both.
Christianna Silva