Experts Answered Every Question We’ve Ever Had About Sleep

Does melatonin work? What’s my chronotype? And is it really that bad to look at my phone right before bed?
Shayla Love
mental health

May Is Your Brain's Favorite Month

Even babies born in the spring are more likely to have an "excessively positive outlook on life."
Caroline Beaton

Police Floodlights are Unlikely to Reduce Crime, But Could Harm Your Health

Months after the study they were a part ended, bright lights remain in New York housing projects.
Ethan Chiel
Phys Ed

You'd Be Less Tired If You Took Your Ass Outside

All that light tells your body to wake up.
Denny Watkins

Sorry, Vegans: Scientists Say That Plants Can Feel Stress

New research from the University of Copenhagen claims that plants experience stress when growing in the cold.
Daisy Meager
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

What Is Night Milk?

Why milk taken from cows at night might be the answer to better shut-eye.
Daniel Oberhaus
All Fronts

I Tried to Hack My Circadian Rhythm With a Bright Light Therapy Headset

Some things are worth looking like an extra in a low rent sci-fi flick.
Jordan Pearson
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

The Story Behind f.lux, the Night Owl's Color-Shifting Sleep App of Choice

Why the creators of the colour-shifting app f.lux have spent the last seven years trying to help you get a good night's sleep.
Matthew Braga
Modern Medicine

What It's Like to Be Clinically Nocturnal

Ritalin in the morning, Ambien at night.
Adrianne Jeffries