Memorial Day

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortwz

A Minor-League Baseball Team Is Sorry About That Video With AOC and Kim Jong Un

She was featured in a Memorial Day tribute video that played a speech by Ronald Reagan over a montage of images.
Rex Santus
food festival

In New Jersey, Even the Pork Roll Festivals Have Beef

Two of them are held in Trenton on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, at the same time and blocks away from each other.
Alex Norcia

Brandon McCarthy Rips MLB's Exploitation of Fallen Soldiers for Hat Sales

Tell it like it is, Brandon.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Great Books About War by Authors Who Have Been in It

Here are some of the best novels and short stories about conflict by veterans and others who served.
Lincoln Michel
Make this

The MUNCHIES Guide to Throwing a Memorial Day Cookout

Behold, our guide to throwing the best and baddest cookout of your life.
Munchies Staff

This Guy Saved a Sinking Boat with a Vodka Bottle Cork

Boater Joseph Lehr saved his sinking vessel just off Rockaway Beach in New York this week by plugging it with a cork from a vodka bottle. Joseph, we salute you.
Daisy Meager
Memorial Day

A Look at Our Coverage of Women in the Armed Forces this Memorial Day

Our profiles of women around the world who have served in the armed forces.
Broadly Staff

Photos of Sailors Taking Over the City During NYC's Fleet Week

Fleet Week functions as a kick-off to summer and the chance for New Yorkers and tourists to take some pretty amazing sailor selfies.
Zak Krevitt and Sam Clarke

What Happens When Your Military Record Burns Up in a Fire?

For the 18 million veterans whose records were lost in a 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center, that question can be a recurring nightmare.
Gavin Jenkins
crime & drugs

Arizona Sheriff's Warning to Hikers About 'Mexican Drug Assassins' Is Probably Bullshit

Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is running for Congress, warned the public about “rip crews” and “sicarios,” but some of his fellow lawmen are skeptical.
Troy Farah
Holy Shit

Glide into the Long Weekend with Sam Hunt's Sun-Drenched "Single for the Summer" Video

Hunt Gawd blesses us for Memorial Day weekend.
Craig Jenkins

GIFs of People Floating in Water as Pure Relaxation | GIF Six-Pack

Soak in the sun while you soak in the pool.
Beckett Mufson