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Yes, Anxiety and Depression Are Linked to Memory Loss. Yes, People Talk About It

A call for people to “talk about the fact that anxiety and depression can give you major memory loss??” resonated across Twitter.


The Eerie ‘Get Even’ Feels Like a Cult Classic in the Making

I can’t work out where this game’s going right now, but I’m hopeful of it being somewhere special after a strong first impression.


Weed Might Be Able to Block the Onset of Alzheimer's

If you're regularly exercising and smoking pot, you're already taking the right steps to ward off the disease.


The Strange Case of the American Tennis Pro Who Forgot English One Day and Thought He Was Swedish

The troubled life and mysterious death of a man named Michael Boatwright.


Woman Who Wakes Up Each Day Believing It's October 15, 2014 Is 'Fit to Work'

Nikki Pegram doesn't remember anything that happened in the past year, but has been denied disability payments because she was able to walk 200 meters and speak without prompting.


The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened at the Dentist

If your mouth hurts like a motherfucker after a root canal, at least you didn't wake up with permanent brain damage or all your teeth missing.


Teenagers Aren't Any Crazier Than They Used to Be

As someone who writes a weekly column dedicated to Americans between the ages of 13 and 19, people think I consider myself some sort of teen expert. But a real one offers some fresh perspective on whether the kids are going to be alright.


How Virtual Reality Could Help Diagnose Dementia

Instead of video games, this new virtual reality system catches dementia.


America Needs Alzheimer’s Funding Now

While the National Institute of Health spends $3 billion a year on AIDS research, and nearly $4.9 billion on cancer, for Alzheimer’s it spends only $500 million, an enormous drop off for an illness that is already widespread and growing rapidly.