Hops Could Help You Fight Breast Cancer

With breast cancer affecting some 246,660 American women and 2,600 men every year, this is good news for beer drinkers of all genders.
Nick Rose

How Australia Ignores Female HIV Patients

Pregnancy, family, menopause, and double standards around gender make living with HIV a very different battle for women.
Chelsea McIver

What Actually Happens When Your Vagina Falls Out

Uterine prolapse sounds horrifying, and it's much more common than you'd think.
Mish Barber Way

Going Through Menopause in Your 20s and 30s Sucks

Hot flashes and night sweats are terrible at the best of times, but try experiencing them when you're 28.
Claire Gordon-Webster
Modern Medicine

Men Have Breasts Too: My Dad's Pink-Hued Fight with Breast Cancer

If we, as a society, are beginning to accept a more fluid definition of gender, then wouldn’t it be logical for modern medicine to follow suit?
Naomi Melati Bishop

What Do Humans and Killer Whales Have in Common? Among Other Things, Menopause

There “wise old woman” archetype is as important to orca culture as it is to human culture.
Becky Ferreira
vice meets

Sue Johanson

Sue Johanson from 'Sunday Night Sex Show' is the godmother of sexual education. In part two of our interview with her, Kara Crabb reads some of her favorite quotes from Sue's books and the ladies chat about menopause, gonorrhea, and diaphragms.
Kara Crabb
Motherboard Blog

Evolution Explains Your Grandma

My great-grandmother's ninety-something birthday was a little while ago, and while thinking about how awesome she is (and how big the slices of pie she always gives me are) I thought it'd be a good time to write about grandmas in general. There's a...
Derek Mead