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How One British Company Is Trying to Make Paid Period Leave Work

Coexist hit headlines in March thanks to its new policy on paid menstrual leave. We went down to the Bristol company's one-day seminar to find out how it's encouraging other businesses to do the same.


We Asked an Economist What Would Happen if All Women Took 'Period Leave'

Would the economy crumble as businesses fell apart under the strain? Er, no—and it might actually make work more productive for everyone.


Will Time Off For Periods Just Push Chinese Women Further Out of the Workplace?

The proposed regulation — which would allow women a day of paid leave per month for serious cramps — is actually bad news for already dire women's rights in China, say experts.


Should Women Get Days off Work During Their Period?

There's an ongoing debate about the merits of "menstrual leave"—basically, getting a few extra sick days for when you're on the rag.