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mental health

What It's Like to Be Diagnosed with Depression at Eight Years Old

"In the fourth grade, getting up each day was a battle for me and my parents. I began finding it difficult to walk. I started getting excruciating headaches."
Kieron Passaway

Finding Therapy Isn’t Easy for Queer and Trans People of Color

Therapy is an overwhelmingly white profession, one that can be insensitive to the needs of those with intersectional identities. This is how QTPOC find therapy that helps, rather than hurts.
Arielle Gray

What It's Like to Live in a Mental Healthcare Desert

One state that needs resources the most has the least.
Letizia Adams

A New Mental Healthcare Law Would Help My Suicidal Partner

A new bill could make access to help a lot more effective in the US.
Jera Brown

Why I’m Glad My Bipolar Dad Was Institutionalized

For years, my family fought to keep my father out of institutionalized living. We never dreamed it would turn around his mental health.
Kelly Burch
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

When Is Britain Going to Stop Marginalizing Black and Minority Mental Health Patients?

The UK government has all but abandoned the vital issue of race in mental health treatment—a frightening reality when you consider that the number of people from minority groups being admitted for crisis care vastly outweigh any other.
Joanna Fuertes Knight
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Welcome to the VICE Guide to Mental Health

The state of our minds in 2015.
Alex Miller

Welcome to the VICE Guide to Mental Health

The state of our minds in 2015.
Alex Miller
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Meet Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, the Man Who Runs America's Largest Mental Healthcare Provider

When Sheriff Dart took over the Cook County Jail, he didn’t expect that he would eventually be responsible for administering what has become the largest mental healthcare provider in the country.
Danny Gold