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Why the mentally ill keep getting shot by cops

Tess Owen
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Toronto cop sentenced to six years in teen's death gets bail

Constable James Forcillo is appealing his conviction of attempted murder after a judge on Thursday concluded that his use of force against teen Sammy Yatim was "unnecessary, unreasonable, and excessive" and "an egregious breach of trust."
Rachel Browne

Hospitals Are Dumping Mentally Ill Patients in Los Angeles’ Skid Row

Instead of creating a post-treatment plan, hospitals discard the chronically ill and homeless back to the street, according to a recent lawsuit.
Justin Kloczko
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A Third of the People Who Got Shot Last Year by LAPD Officers Were Mentally Ill

The LAPD has released a new report that shows the its officers disproportionately shoot mentally ill suspects, arrest African-Americans, and kill Hispanics.
Avi Asher-Schapiro

What Does the Extra $1.4 Billion Invested in the UK's Mental Health Services Actually Mean?

Have we turned a corner in Britain's mental health crisis?
Hannah Ewens

Inside the Belarusian Institutions for Chernobyl Radiation Victims

Photographer Jadwiga Bronte visited the "internats" of Belarus—institutions that are part asylum, part orphanage, and part hospice—for those affected by the fallout of the Chernobyl disaster 30 years ago.
Tom Usher, Photos: ​Jadwiga Bronte

This Lawsuit Claims Canada Has Been Abusing Mentally Ill Prisoners

The proposed class action lawsuit demands the Canadian government fork over at least $600 million in damages to mentally ill prisoners allegedly mistreated in federal prisons over the last two decades.
Rachel Browne

How a Mentally Ill Haitian Immigrant Got Killed by New York Police

Why did two NYPD detectives investigating a robbery shoot David Felix to death in April despite being informed he was a diagnosed schizophrenic?
Nick Pinto
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California Investigates 'Horrific and Inflammatory' Video of Police Beating Alleged Mentally Ill Man

The man's mother claims the 28-year-old man posed no threat to police; police say he was high on drugs and drunk, and violently attacked his mother and officers.
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Florida Family Releases Video of Cop Killing Their Schizophrenic Son

The video shows the officer ordering the 25-year-old to "get on the fucking ground or you're dead" just seconds before he opens fire.
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Meet Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, the Man Who Runs America's Largest Mental Healthcare Provider

When Sheriff Dart took over the Cook County Jail, he didn’t expect that he would eventually be responsible for administering what has become the largest mental healthcare provider in the country.
Danny Gold
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Body Cam Footage Shows Dallas Cops Shooting Mentally Ill Man Holding Screwdriver

Video released Monday shows two officers killing a 39-year-old man who was bipolar and schizophrenic just moments after they arrived at his family’s home.
Arijeta Lajka