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The Viral 'My Girlfriend Isn't Hungry' Menu Option Is Dumb

The idea that women aren't supposed to be—or expected to be—hungry enough to order an entire meal is tired and stupid.
Jelisa Castrodale

Why It's So Gosh Darn Hard to Pick Something to Eat for Your Dang Lunch

It's not just you.
Lauren Rothman
Maple Leaf Cookies

I Ate a Canadian Tasting Menu for Astronauts and It Was More Swanson Than ‘Jetsons’

The menu for astronaut David Saint-Jacques's mission into space included maple leaf cookies and a whole lot of fish.
Nick Rose

A Bizarre Photo Series Deconstructs Gourmet Meals Onto Human Faces

A human face serves as the canvas in an unconventional and disturbing take on culinary photography.
Diana Shi

This Deconstructed 'Dinner Menu' Will Leave You Questioning Everything

Deconstructing dinner through the eyes of a photographer and a chef.
Alex Swerdloff

Yet Another School Apologizes After Serving Insensitive Black History Month Menu

The school's menu, which was posted on February 16 “in celebration of Black History Month,” featured fried chicken, sautéed spinach, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, and cornbread, foods historically associated with racial stereotypes around the...
Gillie Houston

This London Restaurant Menu Is Written Entirely in Emojis

The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill makes its guests decode a series of emojis and place orders via WhatsApp. What a time to be alive.
Daisy Meager

‘Menu-Hacking’ Picky Eaters Are Taking Over Britain’s Restaurants

A new survey of British diners has found that 57 percent would ask for a dish to be adapted when eating out and 28 percent order dishes that aren't even on offer. Apparently it’s called “menu hacking.”
Phoebe Hurst
Fast Food

Burger King Thinks Chicken Is a 'Vegetarian' Option

Burger King is promoting a new crispy chicken salad dish under a “Veggie & Fish” sign in a store located in Kent, UK.
Alex Swerdloff
Pub food

What It's Like to Eat Everything on the Wetherspoons Christmas Menu

Wetherspoons, the no-frills, no-music, no-need-to-wash pub chain that defines British drinking, does a Christmas menu. I went to try it—all three starters, two mains, and two puddings.
Nell Frizzell

Restaurants Are Confusing Everyone with Their Weirdly Named Dishes

According to new research, 79 percent of British diners feel menus can be “overly confusing” and over half admitted to having asked a server to explain a dish.
Phoebe Hurst

A Cracker From the Titanic Was Just Sold For $23,000

A frantic mix of foresight and hunger led to the preservation of what would become the most valuable biscuit that the world has ever seen.
Nick Rose