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Fyre Festival Merch Is Going on Sale to Pay Back Billy McFarland's $26 Million Debt

The US Marshal's Service is selling Fyre Festival-branded tee-shirts, sweatpants, and wristbands.
Bonnie Emmanuelle

David Vassalotti's Dreamy Guitar Pop Is the Truth

The Merchandise co-founder is on a search for answers to big questions—his new video for "Let It Burn" is just one step in that process.
Leah Mandel
infowars life

Alex Jones’s ‘InfoWars Life’ Products Are Still For Sale on Amazon

InfoWars merchandise is central to Alex Jones’s brand, and right now Amazon is one of the remaining platforms still associated with the conspiracy theorist.
Sarah Emerson
photo gallery

Asking Humans About Robots at Daft Punk's Pop-Up Shop

We spoke to people at the LA shop about helmets, rare memorabilia, and Sean Spicer.
Alex Suskind

Daft Punk’s Pop-Up Shop Looks More Like a Museum Than a Store

The robot duo are selling limited edition merch in Los Angeles.
Nathaniel Ainley
Longreads Or Whatever

Not Buying It: Merchandise Questions Politics, Capitalism, and Everything Else

The Tampa band wanted us to call this article "Grand Marketing Failure."
Eve Barlow
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Best and Worst Bootleg Campaign Swag of 2016

Capitalism was at work at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this summer.
Pete Voelker
thump news

Daft Punk's New Windbreaker is Too Fab Not to Wear in This Heatwave

We're up all night to get sweaty.
Krystal Rodriguez
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Merchandise Returns from the Cold With the Disorienting “Flower of Sex” Video

The Floridians are gearing up for a new record on 4AD.
Noisey Staff
Daft Punk

UK Techno Label Perc Trax Now Sells Condoms

You can buy packs of three rubbers from the label's bandcamp.
Michael Scott Barron
thump news

You Can Now Buy a Pair of Gold Daft Punk Helmet Rings for $645

Daft Punk just updated their webstore with some playful new merch.
Alexander Iadarola

Death Index's New Video for "Little N' Pretty" Is Chaotic and Rowdy

Carson Cox of Merchandise's new band is scrappy and arty at the same damn time.
John Hill