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Asking Humans About Robots at Daft Punk's Pop-Up Shop

We spoke to people at the LA shop about helmets, rare memorabilia, and Sean Spicer.
Alex Suskind

Daft Punk’s Pop-Up Shop Looks More Like a Museum Than a Store

The robot duo are selling limited edition merch in Los Angeles.
Nathaniel Ainley
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Best and Worst Bootleg Campaign Swag of 2016

Capitalism was at work at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this summer.
Pete Voelker
thump news

Daft Punk's New Windbreaker is Too Fab Not to Wear in This Heatwave

We're up all night to get sweaty.
Krystal Rodriguez
Daft Punk

UK Techno Label Perc Trax Now Sells Condoms

You can buy packs of three rubbers from the label's bandcamp.
Michael Scott Barron
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You Can Now Buy a Pair of Gold Daft Punk Helmet Rings for $645

Daft Punk just updated their webstore with some playful new merch.
Alexander Iadarola
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Orwell's Orwellian Estate Is Allegedly Trying to Stop People from Using the Number '1984'

It's just like the book! Sort of!
Joe Goodman
The Blobby Boys & Friends

Blobby Girls

Alex Schubert joined a cult and we rescued him back, but the deprogramming is taking FOREVER. Until he's back to his old shitty self, his comic is being guest-drawn by others. This week, artist Penelope Gazin does her feminine take on the Blobby Boys.
Penelope Gazin
The Blobby Boys & Friends

The Rise to Fame and Fall to Obscurity

Until Alex Schubert's water-logged carcass is dredged out of some sewer, his comic is being drawn by other artists. This week's guest artist is Sophia Foster-Dimino.
Sophia Foster-Dimino

Ghostly Collaborated with Warby Parker Glasses to Cure Your Shitty Merch Blues

The often repulsive idea of buying anything from a label's online store has been turned on its head.
Ziad Ramley

'Breaking Bad' Merchandise Is Cheapening the Show's Legacy

Unlike the production of meth in Vince Gilligan’s twisted Albuquerque, there seems to be no filtering process or scientific, efficient equation that separates dreadful guff from attractive stuff.
Jack Murray

Posters of Hitler and Swastika T-shirts Are All the Rage in Indonesia

Tourist stalls all over the country sell posters of Adolf Hitler, neatly displayed in between images of Kurt Cobain and European soccer teams. The swastika is also everywhere: on walls, cups, ashtrays, and T-shirts
Gerard Aalbers