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'False Positives': How Colombia’s Army Executed Civilians And Called Them Guerrillas

Facing pressure to boost its battlefield figures under former President Alvaro Uribe, Colombia's army lured and executed at least 3,000 civilians and notched them as combat kills, according to a new Human Rights Watch report.


The US Military Is Worried It’s Supporting Human Rights Abuses with Aid to Mexico

In internal documents, Pentagon analysts at US Northern Command express concern over cases of security forces killing unarmed civilians in Mexico. The US has sent $2.5 billion to Mexico for its fight against drug cartels.


Get Over It, Ex Mexican President Tells Parents of Missing Students on US Caravan

Almost six months since the 43 students were disappeared, parents of the missing take to the road to also shed light on the Merida Initiative, the US security plan they say fuels the violence in Mexico.


Obama: US 'Offered' Help to Mexico in Search for Missing Students

Officials said there was no specific aid plan for the case, as critics have called both the US and Mexican governments slow to respond to the Ayotzinapa Normal School killings and mass disappearance.


In Photos: Elite Soldiers Compete in a Special Forces Olympics

Special operations teams from 17 countries in the Americas converged on a Colombian military base for several days of