The First Super Bowl Wine Ad in 40 Years Will Air This Sunday

Yellow Tail wine is making Super Bowl history by running a very expensive wine ad featuring a robotic marsupial and a dude in a yellow suit.


Global Warming Is Turning the Welsh Valleys into a Wine Hotspot

One of the few silver linings to come out of impending changes in climate is that countries like Wales—historically lauded for its ability to produce drinkable vinegar—will finally get a look-in on the viticultural landscape.


Whenever Storms Strike, So Do Graffiti Writers

Storms like Jonas bring much more than snow, they also bring an explosion of graffiti.


Rooibos-Infused Wine Might Save You a Headache

In the mountainous vineyards of Stellenbosch, the Audacia winery is doing something, well, audacious: using local rooibos in its wines. In addition to boosting the flavor of its merlot, Audacia claims this could bring health benefits and fewer...


How a British Expat Ended Up Running Rio de Janeiro's Only Wine Bar

“Everyone told me it was a big risk,” says Dominic Parry, owner of WineHouse bar in Rio, a city where cold beer rules supreme. “Brazilian wine is very different. It’s fresh and fruity, and it’s easy to drink.”


This Survey Says That No One Really Understands What Sommeliers Are Talking About

A new survey of 2,000 drinkers has compiled a list of the top ten wine terms people have the most trouble understanding, with “herbaceous” and “terroir” coming out on top.


Meet the Starving Artist Winemakers of Sonoma County

Idle Cellars' winemakers don’t own any property—not a tasting room, not a vineyard, not even the presses, tanks, and bottling machinery. Nonetheless, their award-winning, respected wines have a cult following.


Drinking Cold, Red Wine Is a Very Chill Thing to Do

Contrary to popular belief, red wine is not just for watching Netflix alone in your favorite oversized sweater. It is actually acceptable to throw your red wine in an ice bucket or your fridge.


How to Be Totally Chill While Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

Going out for a meal and drinking a bottle of wine is one of the most enjoyable things a human can do. But, as with most of life’s pleasures, it comes at a cost: ordering the damn thing.


Dentists Warn That Wine Tasting Can Completely Fuck Up Your Teeth

A recent study published in the Australian Dental Journal suggests that just minutes of wine tasting—lookin' at you, Robert Parker—can significantly erode your choppers.


Red Wine Might Cure Your Pizza Face

In addition to basically being a substitute for exercise and an antidepressant, red wine has also been found to prevent acne. Seriously, wine has turned out to be our bestest friend.