Merrick Garland

Packing the courts

Senate Republicans just rammed through a rule to let them pack the courts even faster

Mitch McConnell deployed the so-called nuclear option and blew up the Senate’s filibuster rule to push through this package
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We're Watching the Slow Poisoning of the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was unusually contentious and bitter, but it wasn't an aberration.
Harry Cheadle
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Republicans Probably Have to Go Nuclear to Confirm Neil Gorsuch

The Democrats reportedly now have all 41 votes they need to filibuster Trump's SCOTUS pick.
Lauren Messman
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Democrats Say They're Planning to Filibuster Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Unless Trump's pick is named "Merrick Garland," the Democrats aren't having it.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, US diplomats call for a strike against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, British MP Jo Cox has died, Meat Loaf is in the hospital after collapsing onstage, and more.
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How Worried Should Women Be About Obama's Supreme Court Nominee?

If his nomination is approved, Merrick Garland could easily be the deciding vote on the most important abortion rights case in decades—and he has no known record on reproductive issues.
Cole Kazdin

All the Cute, Coy Ways Republicans Could Block Obama's Nominee Merrick Garland

Republicans in the Senate have clandestinely agreed to block Obama's nomination to the Supreme Court. But how will they manage to stall the decision until January, 2017? We have a few ideas.
Bethy Squires

Obama's New Supreme Court Nominee Is a Safe Pick Who Probably Won't Get Confirmed

Merrick Garland is a centrist who has been praised by Republicans in the past—but the GOP has promised to block anyone Obama chooses.
Allie Conti