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Rise Up

Trump's 'War on Christmas' is Nothing More than a Political Tactic

As the president touts support for religion, his administration seems hellbent on pushing policies largely seen as decidedly un-Christian.
Emily Weitz
tiger woods

Merry Christmas From Tiger Woods's Nipples

It's a Christmas tradition that his kids love, FYI.
Sean Newell
Internet Exploring

It's the Time of Year to Bring Back “Nine Inch Noëls," the Best Twisted Christmas Carol for NIN Fans

Head like a ho! ho! hole!
Jill Krajewski

Watch the World’s Largest Useless Machine Light a Christmas Tree

The epic track involved 412 individual mechanical steps and ran for 10 minutes.
Samantha Cole

No Parents’ New Video Will Help You Come Out of the Punk Closet to Your Grandma

"Hey Grandma, merry Christmas, I'm in a punk band."
Dan Ozzi
'Tis the Season

This 1960s TV Show Spin-off Record Is the Classic Christmas Album You've Never Heard

This is the story behind 'From David Frost and Billy Taylor, Merry Christmas,' a far more adventurous and spiritual album than a TV show spin-off had any right to be.
Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy

Christmas Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Be a Stripper

Strip clubs are an ideal place to spend the Christmas holidays, if you like the holidays enough to be around other people but not enough for a typical celebration.
Susan Elizabeth Shepard
Real-life Stories

A Very Messy Christmas

So it's Christmas next week, which means most of you will be heading home to spend time with a couple of people you want to see and about nine people who are as fun as inflamed facial herpes on a first date. You know what helps in situations like that...
VICE Staff

Japan's Suicidal Salarymen Are Dying for Work

A large amount of the population in Japan's biggest cities have a destructive relationship with work, literally, with many grinding themselves away to an early grave. The social phenomenon has its own word, karoshi, and it isn't death from digit...
Sam Clements