Does It Belong In a Museum?

eBay, Organized Crime, and Evangelical Christians: The Ethical Minefield of Studying Ancient Civilizations

Iraqi artifacts smuggled into the US by Hobby Lobby contain new evidence of a lost Sumerian city, and have scholars divided over whether to study the looted relics.
Sarah Emerson
Culture Looted

Ancient Artifacts Smuggled by Hobby Lobby Traced to Mysterious Sumerian City

Some of the 5,500 stolen artifacts purchased by Hobby Lobby are believed to have originated in the long-lost city of Irisagrig.
Sarah Emerson
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

Photos of the Region Some Believe Was the Biblical Garden of Eden

Photographer Tamara Abdul Hadi spent time with people living in the Iraqi marshlands.
تمارا عبد الهادي
VICE News Tonight on HBO

How therapeutic farms are helping Americans with mental illnesses

Mac McClelland

Ancient Mesopotamian Sheep Liver Magic Predicted Trump's Rise

The polls, models, and experts didn't know what was going to happen on Election Day, but Selena Wisnom did—she read it in a sheep's liver.
Mark Hay

World's Oldest Paycheck Shows Workers Were Paid in Beer

According to a cuneiform tablet, which is being called “the world’s oldest known payslip,” workers opted for rations of beer five millennia ago.
Nick Rose

Were 'Devil Worshipper' Yazidis There for the Birth of Human Culture?

As well as the attempted annihilation of an ethnic group, it’s also their religion IS want to destroy. One of the strangest survivals throughout the entirety of human culture, their faith has been viewed as so subversive and unsettling that it’s...
Michael Smith