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What The Natural Hair Movement Looked Like Before Influencers

In the 2000s, early message boards served as platforms for Black women to create a community around their natural hair—and life experiences.


Can You Get Addicted to Trolling?

It’s becoming increasingly evident that, for some people, trolling isn’t just playing an asshole on the internet.


Hacker Steals Millions of Accounts from Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Project ‘Dueling Network’

It appears the hacker made off with at least 6.5 million email addresses and poorly hashed passwords.


How Some Users Are Trying to Save IMDB's Message Board

Citing a "net negative experience," IMDB will shut down their message board on February 20.


In Total Extreme Wrestling, You Can Write Pro Wrestling’s Past and Present

Total Extreme Wrestling’s community thrives dedicates time and energy for one goal—being able to tell their own story and rewrite history.


Thunders Arena: An Underground Wrestling Website Where the Hunks Trade Blows

A gay-oriented wrestling website has stripped the sport to its barest essentials: two sweaty hunks rolling around on a mat.


Faking Your Death Online Is a Lot Harder Than It Used to Be

In the early days of social media, death’s clammy hand was never far from a user’s shoulder.


The Pocket Guide to Fighting with Idiots on the Internet

Twitter, chat rooms, Xbox Live—do you have what it takes to emerge victorious in these areas of online combat?


What Anonymous Cops Are Saying Online About the Eric Garner Grand Jury

Here's a sampling of how cops in online police forums are responding to the latest non-indictment of a killer officer.


​Cool Freaks’ Wikipedia Club Is a Shitshow of Esoterica, Political Correctness, and Trigger Warnings

A look inside one of the most bizarrely contentious groups on Facbook.