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Man Arrested for Running Meth Lab in White Castle Bathroom

The Crave is a powerful thing.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Bored Guy Busted for Cooking Meth Just to See if He Remembered How

He came clean and told the cops he "intentionally made ammonia to prove to himself he had not forgotten how to make meth."
VICE Staff
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Police May Have Found a Secret Meth Lab Under a Walmart Parking Lot

Walmart shoppers watched as crews in hazmat suits pulled evidence up through the parking lot's manhole.
VICE Staff
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Two Guys Bought an Abandoned Storage Unit That Turned Out to Be a Meth Lab

Sometimes you go to a storage unit auction and end up with some great antiques, other times you become the proud owner of a toxic, defunct meth lab.
River Donaghey
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A Woman Got Six Extra Years in Prison Because She Was Pregnant

A federal judge applied enhanced sentencing guidelines for causing harm to a child because a woman was carrying a fetus when she visited a meth lab.
Kristen Gwynne
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Breaking Hash: Hash Oil Is the New Exploding Meth Lab

People are turning to hash oil, which can be used with a portable vaporizer pen or an e-cigarette, in droves.
Mary Emily O'Hara

So, You Moved Into a Meth Lab

You and your husband are regular 9-to-5 types with a kid named Joel. You move to a regular 9-to-5 type suburb where the rent is manageable and the neighbours seem nice. Then Joel starts getting sick. His skin breaks out and he coughs at night. Soon you...
Julian Morgans