Metropolitan Police


Acid Attack in London Nightclub Leaves 12 People Injured

The police have not yet caught the suspected attacker.


Promoters Told Us How an Outdated London Police Policy Targets Grime Gigs

“Basically it’s saying, ‘we aren’t going to protect you—we’re going to treat you all like suspects’."


London Police Form 696 Still Exists, and It's Still Unfairly Targeting Grime Shows: Everything You Need to Know

London's Met Police risk assessment form was introduced over a decade ago, leading to the voluntary cancellation of high-profile grime gigs, but now there’s a possibility it might finally be revoked.


London Police Rolling Out Over 22,000 Body Cameras

The Metropolitan Police Service believes it is the largest deployment of body-worn cameras in the world.


UK Police Accessed Civilian Data for Fun and Profit, New Report Says

The report, based on Freedom of Information requests, found 2,315 incidents of inappropriate access or distribution of data across five years.


The Troubling Metadata Sharing Program That Was Just Revealed in the UK

Through MILKWHITE, low level agencies such as the Metropolitan Police can access metadata collected by GCHQ.


Exclusive: UK Government and Police Are Getting Information From 'Shadowy' Terrorism Database

The database has faced serious questions since it was reported on by VICE News in February. Now, FOI requests have revealed UK police and the charity regulator are using its services.


European Court Rules No One Should Be Prosecuted for Killing of Jean Charles Menezes

Serious operational blunders caused British police to mistake the Brazilian electrician for a failed suicide bomber and shoot him seven times as he boarded an underground train in 2005.


There’s Now a Play About the Women Duped into Dating Spy Cops

We spoke to the playwright who turned the women's stories, of deceit and police infiltration, into theater.


What Does the UN Ruling on Arbitrary Detention Mean for Julian Assange?

Reports suggest the UN will rule Assange is being arbitrarily detained in London, but that doesn't mean he'll just be able to walk away.


Only One London Cop Has Been Fired for Sexual Assault in Nine Years, Despite 459 Complaints

Data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act poses questions about the way the city's Metropolitan Police investigates its own abuses of power.


Was Your Ex-Boyfriend an Undercover Police Spy? Some British Women Don't Yet Know

Seven women have just received payouts from the UK Metropolitan Police after learning their ex-boyfriends were undercover policemen, but one warns VICE News that many former activists may still not know.