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Making Mole Magic With El Jardín’s Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins

The San Diego-based chef rummaged through the garden and our pantry to make a quick Mexican-inspired vegetarian meal.


This Class Is Entirely Dedicated to the History of Mexican Chiles

“We realized that most customers had no idea of the names and varieties of chiles, so we decided to share our knowledge."


Portland Chefs Discuss Cultural Appropriation Amid Burrito Cart Closure

Kooks Burritos closed last week after accusations of recipe thievery and cultural appropriation, and the aftershock is still rippling through Portland's restaurant scene.


Why You Should Be Eating Tacos with Flour Tortillas

The handmade flour tortilla at this Northern Mexican restaurant melts in your mouth as easily as the charred, smoky meat does. It will change your taco game forever.


Dumbed Down Mexican Food Is Insulting

On many levels, Mexican food is continuing to gather so much importance in the US right now. So please don't ruin its bold flavors, because everyone understands good food.


These Chefs Are Swapping Kitchens to Reimagine British Mexican Food

“We try new stuff but we don't give a shit about what people say about us. We just want to learn more,” says Mexico City chef Jorge Vallejo, as he works on a taco and langoustine studded menu with The Clove Club’s Isaac McHale.


Feasting with Construction Workers in Mexico City

On Día del albañil—Construction Workers' Day—I shared tacos with laborers while they got a much-needed break.


Step Inside the Taco Zone

This is not so much a taco guide but more of an effort to understand Mexico's national dish.


Make These Chorizo Fried Eggs and Become a Morning Person

The classic Mexican breakfast combo of eggs and chorizo makes it so much easier to leave the duvet cocoon. It's even good for hangovers.


Spicy Braised Beef Signifies the Coming of Age for Mexican Teenage Girls

For Mexican girls, becoming a woman tastes like tender meat stewed with chilies. No quinceañera is complete without birria—and a three-tier tres leches cake doesn't hurt, either.


How to Find Mexican Food in the Middle of Nowhere, Taiwan

When I finally arrived in Dulan—a small town full of arsty-fartsy types on the western coast of Taiwan—I was greeted by a food truck slinging legit al pastor tacos. Where the hell was I?


Mexico Mourns the Passing of El Chololo, The Godfather of Birria

The Mexican state of Jalisco lost one of its most beloved culinary figures this month when Javier Torres Ruiz, who dedicated his life to making birria, passed away at the age of 74.