I Ate My Way through Oaxaca with Instagram Legend Oaxacking

When I ask Omar Alonso his favorite thing about Día de los Muertos, the answer is easy: the food.


Sourcing High-End Booze For a Living Is Less Fun than it Sounds

"I could be in a vineyard with a small cognac maker, and if I asked the guy what the weather was, he wouldn’t answer.”


This Team of Booze All-Stars Is Making Mezcal Sustainable

Sombra Mezcal is designed to be beneficial for both the land and the indigenous community in Oaxaca.


Winter Is Actually the Best Time of Year to Drink Mezcal

Mexico’s smoky agave spirit is warming as hell, whether you’re in the mood for something literally warm or something that will transport your soul somewhere sunnier.


Chef's Night Out: Roberta's

Ready for a night out in New York City with Roberta's head chef Carlo Mirarchi? We hope you like duck carnitas, wine, wings, oysters, and a lot of mezcal.


Oaxaca Has a Minty Cure for Your Hangover

With a cup of iced te de poleo in my hand, I no longer feel on the brink of death.


Your Mezcal Might Literally Be Made with Love

Back in the day, people working the fields would carve their lovers’ names into agave leaves, hoping for good luck in romance. Some of those same plants could have been used to make the mezcal you sip today.


The Art of Drinking Mezcal Made from Wild Agave

As its name suggests, wild agave isn't cultivated like the plants used to make most of the mezcal out there—and drinking mezcal made from it is a whole new experience.


This Refreshing Mezcal Cocktail Won't Make You Hallucinate

After a couple of these herby, smoky little drinks, you may find yourself slathering your body in sunscreen and dragging your boombox out to the stoop.


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Meet Bloody Mary’s sexier Mexican cousin: Bloody Maria. She’s spicy as hell, she brings home the bacon, and she smokes.


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In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Rosio cooks up a taco feast for her friends before they head out on the town in Copenhagen.


Dirty Work: Mezcal and Ceviche with Eric Werner of Hartwood

Eric Werner of Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico stopped by the MUNCHIES kitchen for Yucatecan-inspired feast.