I Was MI6's Top Spy Inside Al Qaeda

We met with Aimen Dean, who spent a decade making bombs for the jihadi group.
Andy Jones
VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

CEOs finally ditch Trump over Charlottesville, South Korean president warns of 'red line' on nuclear warhead, Apple donates $2 million to fight hate groups, and more.
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The Guy Behind the Trump Dossier Is Going Back to His Day Job

Christopher Steele is coming out of hiding and returning to work at London's Orbis Business Intelligence, apparently.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The FBI Wanted to Pay the Guy Behind the Trump Dossier

The bureau reportedly reached a deal with Christopher Steele in October, even though the president has dismissed his findings as "phony stuff."
Lauren Messman
Donald Trump

UK Asks Journalists to Not Name Ex-Agent Allegedly Behind Trump Report

The UK government issued what is known as a D-notice, but plenty of outlets aren’t taking the advice.
Joseph Cox

No Pokémon for British Spies, as Pokéstops Vanish From MI5 and MI6 Buildings

Players report pokémon gyms and pokéstops have been removed from the UK’s secret service headquarters.
Victoria Turk

The Animated Series 'James Bond Jr.' Is the Redheaded Stepchild of the 007 Franchise

The latest Bond movie, <i>Spectre</i>, promises to be another grim, serious affair. But there was a time when James Bond was a cartoon, both figuratively and literally.
Dave Schilling

The UK Government Has Opened Up Thousands of Secret Files to the Public

According to a 1958 law, secret state records in the UK must become public 30 years after their creation. But in a sprawling manor estate just west of London, hundreds of thousands of Foreign Office records dating back to the 17th century are still...
Katie Engelhart