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Remembering Things

The 'Party Monster' Soundtrack Captured the Dark Side of Hedonism

15 years ago this film debuted, making back-to-back club bangers sound sinister when paired with a horrifying true story.
Daisy Jones

The Life and Death of a Career Snitch and Scammer

Sean Kirkham's sociopathic scams involved New York celebrities, coke dealing stings, a gay porn star working at the UN, a one-eyed club impresario, the FBI, murder, and, eventually, suicide.
Jackson Weaver
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Club Kid Michael Alig Claims Police Mistook Healing Crystals for Crystal Meth in Drugs Arrest

Police arrested him at a park near Yankee Stadium at 1:30 in the morning last Tuesday.
Alexander Iadarola

These NYC Nightlife Flyers Are a Badass Time Capsule of Cool

A new book shines a light on the golden age of DIY promo art.
Luke Winkie

Gay Nightlife Is Dying and Grindr and Gentrification Are to Blame

As the legendary venues and parties that defined gay nightlife in the 1990s and 2000s die out, what are promoters doing to keep the party moving?
John Lucas
New York

Party Monster James St. James Looks Back on Drugs, Murder, and Dance

We talked to the author of "Disco Bloodbath" and former member of the 90s Club Kid clique about Andy Warhol, Michael Alig, and how he's made his downtown fantasy last a lifetime.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
bullshitters guide

A Bullshitter's Guide to Electroclash

We take a long look back at the much maligned genre and find a lot to love about it.
Josh Baines

The Comeback Kid: Michael Alig’s Return to New York Nightlife

The city’s most notorious party promoter built a career on going too far—then ended up in jail for manslaughter. Now that he’s served his time, will a new generation of clubbers welcome him home?
Michelle Lhooq
daily vice

Watch a Brazilian Prison Beauty Pageant in Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also meet Colombia's guerrilla fighters, go courtside at the Davis Cup, and catch up with party monster Michael Alig.
Daily VICE
The Film That Made Me...

'Party Monster' Was the Film That Changed How I Thought of Elitism

"Party Monster" is packaged as a fairytale-like moral lesson on the true price of excess.
Daisy Jones

Remembering New York’s Downtown Documentarian Nelson Sullivan

Twenty-five years ago this month, on July 4, 1989, video artist Nelson Sullivan suddenly died of a heart attack, leaving behind almost 1,200 hours of footage of the now iconic and heavily romanticized Downtown New York scene.
Emily Colucci

Hey, Mom! I'm Out of Prison! Michael Alig's Mother Talks

"Michael said the cutest things to me on the phone!" Party Monster and convicted murderer Michael Alig's mom talks to us about her son's release from prison, just in time for Mother's Day.
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