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'Juno' Made Me Feel Less Alone After I Got Pregnant as a Teenager

In the era before MTV's "Teen Mom" franchise, there were few if any humanizing portraits of pregnant teens on screen. Ten years after its release, "Juno" is still one of the most important movies about teen pregnancy.
Sian Ferguson
Does It Suck?

Does 'Juno' Actually Suck?

For once, the answer may (not) surprise you.
Patrick Lyons

Michael Cera Is Really Good at Music Even If He Doesn't Think So

His new song with Sharon Van Etten—"Best I Can," written for the documentary 'Dina'—is a winning, 80s-leaning love song.
Chris Martins
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Watch the Trailer for Aaron Sorkin's Directorial Debut 'Molly's Game'

The drama stars Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, the real-life "Poker Princess" who organized high-stakes games for the rich and famous.
VICE Staff

Michael Cera Loved Playing A Self-Indulgent Actor

We talked with Michael Cera about his two new dramedies and his unwavering commitment to music.
Sarah Bellman

You Kids Are Going to Love this Rabona Water Bottle Challenge

Hey, youths! You your silly little water bottle challenges, huh? Oh, and you definitely love rabonas. Then this is for you.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Holy Shit

Willow Smith Drops Michael Cera-Produced Thing That's Almost a Song Kind Of

It's called "twentyfortyeight 2.0."
Alex Robert Ross
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From Punching Michael Cera to Taking Journos Hostage: It's Rihanna’s Most Rihanna Moments

Celebrating BadGalRiRi.
Grace Medford

Stream Alden Penner's 'Canada In Space' Featuring Michael Cera

“There are more Canadians than any other nationality represented in the planned Mars colony" - Alden Penner.
Nick Laugher

Rick Alverson's New Sundance Movie 'Entertainment' Explores the End of the American West

The director's latest movie is a haunting deconstruction of a small-time performer's psyche as he travels across the desolate Mojave Desert.
Michael Nordine

A Chat with Janicza Bravo (and Brett Gelman) About Her New Short Starring Michael Cera in a Wheelchair

Janicza’s new short 'Gregory Go Boom' stars Michael Cera as a wheelchair-bound dorkface and Brett Gelman as his older degenerate brother. It’s funny and slightly depressing, and you can watch the whole thing here. A couple weeks back I chatted with J&B...
Rocco Castoro