Michael Davidson


The Police Can Take Your Cash Without Charging You with a Crime

As Tan Nguyen found out when he drove with $50,000 in gambling winnings through Humboldt County, Nevada, the cops can seize your money even if you haven't been accused of any wrongdoing.


Who Will Stop the Homosexual Dance Teacher of East London?!

Homophobes say the funniest things, don't you agree? Dr Mark Walcott is the head of dance and drama at Newham College in East London. He thinks a gay teacher should be fired.


MBTV: Michael Davidson's Silicon Zoo: The Psychedelic Art of the Microchip

IBM burned up the Internet yesterday with the announcement that it has made "a major breakthrough in quantum computing":http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9224670/IBM_touts_quantum_computing_breakthrough. We hear about breakthroughs that suggest we...