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Desus & Mero

Shad Moss Tells Desus and Mero How to Hustle Smarter, Not Harder

The TV producer—formerly known as Bow Wow—stopped by the late-night show to talk about 'Like Mike' and how P. Diddy showed him the ropes.
Sarah Bellman

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton says fake news is a dangerous "epidemic," court docs tease Mark Zuckerberg's political ambitions, South Korean parliament votes to impeach President Park Geun-hye, and more.
VICE Staff

The NBA's First Female and Openly Lesbian Ref Recalls 19 Years of Close Calls

In several ways, Violet Palmer was a trailblazer. With her recent retirement announcement, she took time to reflect upon what that means.
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Get On the Courts with Ratking Producer Sporting Life's EP 'Slam Dunk Vol. 1'

Listen to the New Yorker's surprise release for R&S Records featuring a Galcher Lustwerk remix.
Max Mertens

Paul McCartney Says Kanye Reminds Him of Andy Warhol | Last Week in Art

Also in art news, a Harry Potter exhibition, and two men caught trying to steal a Banksy copy.
TCP Staff

30 Legendary Michael Jordan Photos Get an Exhibition

One of the most illustrious sports photographers in history teamed up with Your Art Gallery for an exhibition sale of iconic snapshots.
Nathaniel Ainley

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Michael Phelps wins his 21st gold medal in Rio, newly released emails revive questions about the Clinton Foundation's relationship to the State Department, Trump denies his gun rights remark was a veiled threat, and more.
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Why These Sneakers Cost as Much as a Car

An in-depth look at how people end up spending tens of thousands of dollars for sneakers that might've originally retailed for a hundred dollars.
Jian DeLeon

The Guy Behind the "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" Meme Is in Jail

But 28-year-old Oakland resident Young Busco is ready to embrace his fame once he gets out.
George McIntire

Redditor Makes Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry Go Super Saiyan

Even Lebron James (finally) takes his final form.
Beckett Mufson

Artist Devin Troy Strother Doesn't Want to Talk About Being Black

Strother talked with me about his new solo show, <i>Space Jam</i>, and his desire to be the art-world's version of Michael Jordan: a "supreme entity who's surpassed identity and blackness."
Zach Sokol
This Week in Racism

This Week in Racism - Michael Jordan Says He Was a Racist Teenager

He recounts a story where a girl called him the "n-word" and threw a soda at him, which lead him to hate all white people when he was in high school.
Dave Schilling