Michael Jordan


Kim Jong Un Wants to Hang with "Famous Basketball Players" in Exchange for Nuke Deal

North Korean officials insisted Kim's request "be included in the joint statement on denuclearization.”


'Space Jam 2' Is Going to 'Disrupt Everything'

Director Terence Nance told us about his plans for the upcoming sequel starring LeBron James.


Three Amazing Stories from the Darius Miles Players' Tribune Piece

From a run in with Shaq, to a near jet ski accident, to chasing prom dates at local high schools, former NBA player Darius Miles sure has some stories to tell.


A Requiem for the Sports Poster

Basketball players still get posterized, but they're no longer getting put on iconic posters.


Dunk of the Week: At What Point Does Enjoying a Dunk Become Immoral?

Robin Lopez (Robin Lopez!) almost ended Jordan Bell's life off the dribble. It was an incredible, shocking dunk, and very nearly the stuff of nightmares.


It's So Good When Games Fix Weird Things, Like Michael Jordan's Bad Tongue

Loot boxes aren't the biggest problem in games. It's Michael Jordan's mouth.


LeBron Broke Out Some Classic Jordan Moves in Chicago Last Night

LeBron James pulled off the one-handed pump fake, as well as a vintage MJ turnaround fadeaway as the Cavs beat the Bulls Monday.


Michael Jordan Joins Derek Jeter's Bid for Miami Marlins

The group is said to be close to finalizing (finally) a $1.2 billion deal to purchase the team.


Michael Jordan Will Feed His Black Heart with Dwight Howard's Mushy Soul

Dwight is poised to become MJ's next Kwame Brown.


That Time Michael Jordan Allegedly Ran Up a Million-Dollar Golf Debt

Just before the 1993 NBA Finals, one of Jordan's golf buddies published "Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction...My Cry For Help!" The book is forgotten, but its lesson is not.


The Immortal Life of John Tesh's NBA Anthem "Roundball Rock"

The goofy, glorious, extremely 90s NBA anthem hasn't appeared on television in 15 years, and yet it has also never left.


Shad Moss Tells Desus and Mero How to Hustle Smarter, Not Harder

The TV producer—formerly known as Bow Wow—stopped by the late-night show to talk about 'Like Mike' and how P. Diddy showed him the ropes.