Michael Mayer

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Stream Michael Mayer's Eclectic New DJ-Kicks Mix

The German artist weaves disparate genres and moods on the latest installment of the mix series.
Alexander Iadarola
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Hold on to Your Hats, Michael Mayer's Mixed the Next Dj-Kicks

The 16 track set assembled by the Kompakt boss arrives in mid-May.
Josh Baines

We Quizzed Michael Mayer About Some of the Friends Who Helped Him Build His Best Album Yet

The Kompakt domo breaks down the art of collaboration on (and off) his best album yet.
Michaelangelo Matos
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Stream a New Track from Michael Mayer and Joe Goddard That's Just "For You"

The sumptuous sadlad screamer's taken from Mayer's upcoming new collaborative record '&'
Josh Baines
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We've Got Churners, Clankers, and Cosmic Cuts in This Week's Seven Most Played

Featuring music from the likes of Michael Mayer, Samo DJ, and Joy Orbison
Josh Baines
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Hop On Michael Mayer's Eight and a Half Minute Long Techno Train Journey

The Kompakt boss' remix of up and coming French producer Thylacine is more exciting than the 11:07 to Surbiton.
Josh Baines

Michael Mayer's Just Dropped Another Seminal Remix

This time round it's Theo Kottis getting magic sprinkled on him by the legendary Komapkt founder.
Josh Baines

Celebrating Fabric's Super Sweet 16 with Their Best Mixes Ever

We run through the London institutions' sixteen finest moments committed to CD.
Josh Baines
club culture

We Asked Kölsch to Create the Nightclub of his Dreams

Komapkt's Danish dude walks us through an imaginary club that sounds like heaven and only serves champagne.
Josh Baines
my first club

Michael Mayer's First Club: Lions, Tigers, and Christian Youth Centers

We caught up with the Komapkt boss for a wander down memory lane and found out all about the time he ruined Christmas.
Michael Mayer

A Bullshitter's Guide to Microhouse

A brief history of a micro movement that'll last the ages.
Josh Baines

'Out in the Dark' Explores the Gay Relationship Between an Israeli and a Palestinian

Michael Mayer's first feature-length movie has been dubbed the "Brokeback Mountain of Israeli film." Which isn't too inaccurate of a comparison, in that it's about two men having a romantic, sexual relationship in an environment where you might...
Christine Jun