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What It's Like to Come Out as a Gay Football Player

What is this, the 1980s?
Ryan Brown

Is America Ready For Openly Gay Male Athletes in Major Sports Leagues?

Wade Davis II and others speak to the reasons why so many female pro athletes have made that leap, and why no male athletes have followed.
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Results Matter, Even for Trailblazing Athletes Like David Denson

Regardless of what they accomplished by becoming the first openly gay players in their respective sports, Michael Sam and David Denson will be judged on how they perform on the field.
Dirk Hayhurst
Michael Sam

Michael Sam Debuts as First Openly Gay Player in the Canadian Football League

Not a great game, but a historic one.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Michael Sam Gets Engaged In Vatican City

Michael Sam, you may have heard of him once or twice, is now engaged to his boyfriend after popping the question in Vatican City.
Sean Newell

Robbie Rogers Is Out, Proud, and a Champion

When Robbie Rogers announced his sexuality to the world, he retired thinking no gay man could play pro soccer. He's since proven himself wrong.
Kevin Koczwara

Stop Assuming Michael Sam Was Cut Because He's Gay

It's more than fair to want to see Michael Sam succeed, but assuming homophobia is the reason he got cut isn't helping his cause.
Smriti Sinha

Michael Sam and the Burden of Being a Symbol

Michael Sam has become and continues to be something other than a guy trying to make an NFL team. Changing that is the path to real change.
Colin McGowan
chip sarafin

Arizona State Lineman Reveals He's Gay in Incredibly Low-Key "Announcement"

Chip Sarafin's sexuality shouldn't be a big deal.
Harry Cheadle
Fantasy Football

NFL Players We Wish Were Gay

Here are a few guys we'd like to draft to play for the other team.
Brian Moylan

Chris Kluwe, Tony Dungy, and the Pains of Not Playing the PR Game

In the NFL, you can say whatever you like as long as you know how to say it.
Robert Wheel
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What NFL Jersey Sales Numbers Say About Fans

Johnny Manziel is the most beloved athlete in all of sports, apparently.
Harry Cheadle