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An Australian KFC Owner Is Begging Michelin to Give His Restaurant a Star

Michelin inspectors judge whether a restaurant provides a good value or a “memorable experience." Who's to say KFC doesn't?
Jelisa Castrodale
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Woman Dies, 29 Diners Sickened After Eating at Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Although Barceló has not yet confirmed that morel mushrooms were the cause of the food poisoning, it is being investigated as a possibility.
Jelisa Castrodale

Chef Busted for Allegedly Faking Michelin Credentials

He claims that the smear campaign against him is "fake news."
Mayukh Sen

Famous French Chef Renounces His Three Michelin Stars

"Maybe I will be less famous, but I accept that."
Nick Rose

Why a Shanghai Restaurant Closed the Day After Being Awarded a Michelin Star

If you find yourself in the massive Chinese city and want to splurge on the Michelin experience, you’ll now have just 34 stars to choose from—one restaurant that was awarded a star closed just one day after receiving the honors.
Wyatt Marshall

You Can Now Get Michelin-Starred Ramen at Convenience Stores in Japan

For the equivalent of less than US $5, you could be feasting on a truffle-flavored bowl of shoyu ramen by acclaimed ramen spot Tsuta. From a Circle K, no less.
Wyatt Marshall

The Cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurant in the World Is Also One of the Best

Tim Ho Wan is a dim sum room that will look familiar if you already love dim sum. But this Hong Kong hole-in-the-wall just happens to crank out some of the world's best food.
Brendon Hong