This Legendary Gunmaker Moonlights As a Restaurant Dishwasher

His guns designs can be sold for up to $60,000 per custom job, but the legendary Texas gunmaker, El Gorupo, balances his time by working as a dishwasher at his family's Mexican restaurants, which serve some of Fort Worth's best tacos.
José Ralat
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Cartel gunmen shot down a Mexican police helicopter

The gunmen are reportedly allied to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, one of at least 10 criminal groups fighting for control of the Hot Land region in western Mexico.
Falko Ernst

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The FBI says foreign hackers broke into state voter databases, scientists have detected a radio signal from space, Gene Wilder has died at age 83, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The United States Olympic Committee has apologized for swimmers' false claims about being robbed, Russia agrees to a 48-hour ceasefire in Aleppo, Frank Ocean drops a new visual album, and more.
VICE Staff

Mexican police executed 22 people, report says

The national human rights commissions says the abuses took place during a May 2015 raid on a ranch occupied by cartel members that killed a total of 43 people, only one of whom was a police officer.
Jo Tuckman

Our Love of Avocado Is Destroying Mexico's Forests

We get it: You know guacamole costs extra. But in Mexico, the real cost of avocado farming is on the environment, too.
Hilary Pollack
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Mexican mayor arrested for allegedly ordering a massacre

The mayor, who allegedly ordered ten people killed at the weekend, had long-rumored ties to the Knights Templar cartel in the drug-war ravaged state of Michoacán.
Alan Hernandez

Five families massacred in two weeks as Mexico's murder rate surges

With the number of homicides across the country at their highest since 2012, this weekend’s victims included two mayors gunned down.
Nathaniel Janowitz

Meet the hitman and the vigilante who say they're trapped inside Mexico’s drug wars

The government claims it has crushed the Knights Templar cartel in its bastion in the state of Michoacán. These two fighters tell a different story.
Falko Ernst

Mexican Authorities Say They Don't Exist: Meet the Vigilantes Standing Up to the Zetas

The state governor claims there are no vigilante groups in Veracruz, but the armed men who say they are defending their community against the Zetas drug cartel beg to differ.
Oscar Balderas

El Chapo's Top Lawyer Talks About What It's Like Defending an Infamous Drug Lord

José Refugio Rodríguez disclosed details about the Chapo's legal strategy in the face of possible extradition. He also said the kingpin remains determined to make a movie about his life, and discussed Sean Penn’s betrayal of Kate del Castillo
Jan-Albert Hootsen

Pope Francis Tells Mexican Priests Not to Resign Themselves to the Drug Wars

The Pope was speaking in the beleaguered state of Michoacán where a military-led offensive nearly a decade ago kicked off Mexico’s bloody drug wars. At least 28 priests have been killed since then.
Alan Hernandez