Middle Ages

Middle Ages

To Play 'Cuphead' Is to Suck at 'Cuphead'

The much anticipated game with a 1930s cartoon art style is as hard as it seems.
Leif Johnson

'Medieval Reactions' Turns Ancient Art into Hilarious Memes

Prithee! Thine best memes on thee internet are these classics-turned-share-bait.
Peter Slattery

'Game of Thrones' Is Even Whiter Than You Think

By not including people of color in major roles, George R.R. Martin is creating a whiter medieval world than our own ever was.
Kathleen E. Kennedy

Witches Allegedly Stole Penises and Kept Them as Pets in the Middle Ages

According to a 15th century guide to detecting and eradicating witchcraft, witches were capable of making penises vanish—and some even kept them in nests and fed them oats.
Callie Beusman

‘Game of Thrones’ and the Reality of Pregnancy by Rape in the Middle Ages

Whether or not Sansa's pregnant, the possibility raises questions about how unwanted pregnancy was dealt with in medieval times.
Kathleen E. Kennedy

What Cersei Lannister's Naked Walk of Shame Tells Us About Our Culture

A medieval expert weighs in on what public shaming was like in the Middle Ages.
Kathleen E. Kennedy

The UK Is Criminally Serious About the Definition of Pie

Careful with your casseroles: thousands of people in the UK are currently signing a petition that aims to make the misclassification of pie a criminal offense.
Hilary Pollack
The History Issue

Thomas Cahill Is Saving Civilization

Over the course of books such as How the Irish Saved Civilization, Sailing the Wine-Dark Seas, and Mysteries of the Middle Ages, historian Thomas Cahill has done more for making ancient history readable and entertaining than all the cobweb-covered...
Jesse Pearson